Abstract: Multiplayer games are very competitive sport around the world which requires fully fit and quality players to be competitive at international level. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) involvement in sports has been beneficiary for team management as well as individual player performances. Published literature covers the inventions and research on many wearable devices for players and their equipments in great deal which has achieved success to large extent. But, concern of current time is systems, methods and apparatus to analyze collected data in real time from wearable devices so that effective decisions can be made. Proposed invention designed two devices which are Player Controller (PC) and Game Controller (GC) for systematically collecting and analyzing player’s Health Attributes (HAs) and Quality of Play (QoP) data. Proposed invention works in two activities known as Raw Data Analysis and Recommendations for Replacement. Former activity is performed by PC which covers the processing and analysis of raw collected data into more understandable format whereas GC performs the latter activity which uses processed data to make recommendations about replacement or selection of a player. Architecture and working of both controllers is explained in detail in this invention.

Abstract: Gym workouts are one of the important routinely activity for people around the world for disease-free lifestyle. Moreover, this health activity is not only beneficial to a sportsperson for maintaining physical fitness but people with physical health problems are realizing considerable health-oriented benefits. Literatures published by several researchers are concerned with the smart wearable devices during gym workouts for health assessment, which are beneficial to a considerable extent. But, the real time concern is system, method, and apparatus for analyzing the data collected from these wearable devices in order to make enhanced healthcare servicing. With these aspects, the presented invention is concerned with the development of a personalized gym trainer system, which is composed of three devices, namely Exercise Controller (EC), Health Controller (HC) and Cloud Analyzer (CA) for performing systematic assessment of exercise data and health data. The system works for two different activities termed as Data Assessment and Efficient Prediction. Different types of data are assessed by EC and HC resulting in efficient data acquisition and data analyzation. The task of effective prediction of exercise-oriented parameters is performed by CA. Architectures and workings of each apparatus are detailed in the presented invention.